Two More Weeks!

I returned to college to work on another career field. I earned my Associates in Arts & Science-Foreign Language transferable degree (AAS), Associates in Applied Science-Business Admin, and 3 certificates several years ago, 15 to be exact. I waited for my youngest to be old enough to go to preschool before starting college. John wasn’t to supportive at first but after he noticed that I was truly happy and excelling in school he supported me some. I say some because he was a hands off type of dad which made me feel like a single mother sometime. He worked long and weird hours and then be on the computer or gaming when he got home. I notice that David spends more time with his kids than John ever did with the boys growing up. Dave does love his wee monsters. :) I’m not saying John doesn’t love the boys, he just didn’t play or spend much time with them when they were young.

Anyway, since I was able to receive funding to return to college under the Worker Retraining Program, I decided to go back and get an AAS in radiology. Well that was the plan until I met with the advisor. I had to have a GPA of 3.8 or better to apply for the Radiology Program. Based on my previous transcripts I am a 3.08 student. I wanted something that worked in the medical field because it’s more secure and very little chance of a being laid off. I selected the Health Information Technology (HIT) Program which is a two year program with income potential of $50-$75 per yr. to start with. Not the high range of radiology but not bad either, I suppose.

I don’t want to do what I’ve been doing the last several years and that’s working with at risk youth and adults. Either I got burnt out or learned that it’s not the field for me, not sure… I do know that I’m tired of being “scammed”, “burned”, “conned”, etc. from the “At-Risk” population. Most, not all but a high majority, were out to see what they could get for themselves but not better themselves. Program surfers, those that go from one program into another but not moving forward or improving their lives, those that feel entitled to the support services (money for bus pass, gas card, clothes, etc.) and not want to do the workshops, paperwork, or required tasks such as attend GED or job searching. Enough of that crap–it’s in the past.

I assessed into college level classes. Glad to see that GW did not dumb me down to much :P  This is my first quarter back and although I did not have to take English 101 again I decided to take it to refresh my writing skills. As you can see from some of my writing entries I need the practice! Punctuation and sentence structure BLAH! My first paper I got a D (grumble) the second one was a C (meh) third was an A (finally!). I’m working on the fourth and final one for the quarter due next week. The final week of the quarter is next week. I’m in Math 110 because it’s been over five years since I’ve had a math class. I’ve got a 4.0 so far and should have a 4.0 when I’m done with it. Math just makes more sense to me. Writing ten-twenty page essays on topics I don’t really know, not so much. Oh and by the way–I really hate switching from MLA to APA format and citations! WTF!

Obviously I’ve got no homework to do right now because I finished it earlier! Guess I could watch the idiot box until bedtime.

Photos Of The Week:

On my walks

Seen this pretty flower on one of my walks

Richard aka Richie, Philips dog

Richard aka Richie, Philip’s dog

Shogun (came with that name already) aka Shoggie (I prefer this name) John and my dog

Shogun (came with that name already) aka Shoggie (I prefer this name) John and my dog

Both are resource hoards and can not share toys, bones, food, and sometimes people. This is how they look after a dog fight-both hurt.

Both are resource hoards and can not share toys, bones, food, and sometimes people. This is how they look after a dog fight-both hurt.

Richie and Shoggie are both pit-bull but different breeds within the category. Richie is a Razors Edge (ears up without needing to be cropped, straight tail, and shorter) and Shoggie is an American Bulldog (floppy ears, curled tail, big stocky with huge jaw/head).

Good changes and the blah…

I started college classes last week through the worker’s retraining program. I was hoping to do something like radiology but after meeting with the advisor I had to readjust my plan. I am an A-B student but with radiology I needed to be an A student. She provided me with the stats for the last 3 years and the number of people applying for radiology has increase as had the GPA. 67 people applied last year (Fall 2014) and only 20 were accepted into the program with the lowest GPA of 3.8. I asked her what happened to all those students that worked on their pre-requisites and didn’t get accepted into the program! She said they help them with applying to other college, some as far as Spokane, WA. That was mind boggling and sad. I’m shooting for  HIT; health information technology. It’s working in the medical field but not as an attending staff–it’s a support staff–starting income range is around $50/yr.

It is what it is.

I also got hired for a part time job working nights cleaning offices. I would prefer to do mindless work at this time because I don’t want to think when I am tired. It also works around my classes. My hire date is today but my start date will be sometime next week. I’m fighting a nasty sinus & chest cold so not working right now is fine with me. I think I got this nasty virus from the person that interviewed me!

More about my classes later. I’m tired after finishing my Business Math 110 homework. Sitting in this recliner with the chills, sore throat, and headache–reading book online to finish the work. Tired. :/

BTW–the blah in the title is–yup the work. Did you think I’d say the sinus & chest cold?! God no! I can handle this nastiness but I would prefer to get unemployment while I’m in school but as mentioned earlier: it is what it is.

A Goal

I had seen a post in FaceBook (FB) and signed up for this today:


I had done the 5k everyday for the month of February. I did miss 3 days but did extra miles later in the week so that the miles would add up to same amount of miles by the end of the month. For this challenge the breakdown is 3.61 miles per day or 25.27 miles per week. I will need to submit your mileage monthly as long as I stay up with the mileage I should be ok.


Walk Around Point Defiance Park

Today I decided to get out of the house and go on an all day outing to Point Defiance. I called a friend to see if she wanted to go out but she wasn’t feeling good along with being a bit lazy. :)

I got onto the #48 bus which turned into #11 that dropped me off at the ferry dock, right where I wanted to be. I walked around the park area before heading out to the trails. Before heading to trails I stopped by the boat house to get an ice cream cone. Love Me Some Ice Cream!  I walked almost 6 miles. I had “MapMyRide” to track my walking mileage but Philip called me and it turned of the damn app. I am looking for another that will stay on regardless of what other function is going on with the phone or buy some sort of device that tracks mileage, timeframe, etc.

Here are some pictures of my walk and beautiful flowers in the park.

InstagramCapture_0b4fb7fd-1d23-44c0-8f1b-52cc6c78c577 InstagramCapture_9dff62e0-6591-49c4-9c21-40c8c1e428c5 InstagramCapture_461a35a4-ce35-4a80-81c1-343b82130e74 InstagramCapture_9276dee0-efa1-45cb-93aa-c6507a567a08 InstagramCapture_213713dc-b82a-41ef-8989-8ed6f66f798a InstagramCapture_97047379-ec9a-4520-bc70-93038bcd0105 InstagramCapture_b8d4d82e-eb7b-4800-b451-5d4b0c1257b1 InstagramCapture_c20455e3-12fc-4dde-89c4-022671a89e40 InstagramCapture_d5ba24c9-69da-46aa-80dc-ba574ac98cf8 InstagramCapture_e3844993-83e8-415b-98f2-5695fc717c0e

WP_20150307_023 WP_20150307_049

First Wishes of 2015

Mar 3 first wishes of yr

I was walking around the yard to see what flowers, bushes, and trees have started blooming. I seen this little bundle of wishes by the corner of the house in the front yard. I plan to make a jar of wishes that I seen on Pinterest!:

I haven’t been on this site in a really long time and thought I’d come on and add a post now and then. I came by way of reading a blog regarding the PCT 2015 hiker (two different girls) prepping for the long hike.

I’ve been off work for two month (since Dec 31, 2014) and have been cleaning, purging, and organizing the house. My bedroom and closet were the first hit and although I thought I got rid of a lot of shoes already, I got rid of more. :/   The kitchen cabinets were the next hit–organizing, rearranging, and going through expired food. I HATE EXPIRED FOOD! >:(  That means money down the drain and wasted food. The garage and storage unit are next, sort of started on garage but need to work on storage unit to finish garage. We got a new (to us) fridge and now have two refrigerators. There are 6 of us living in this tiny house but we have room for our food :) lots of cabinet and fridge space.

I plan to go to WorkSource tomorrow for a workshop and job search log printouts. I have to apply for 3 jobs a week or attend 3 workshops a week, I am doing a combination of both. I had to meet with someone from ESD (for unemployment) and provide them with my job status, logs, etc. It sucks! I worked so that unemployment money should be given outright! I have to fight to get retraining. I’m not asking them to pay for my training, I’m asking that I don’t have to attend workshops (that I taught in the past!) or do job searching while I’m in school. I do not want to go into the same field! I do not want another job doing the same thing that I just left. I’m tired of working with at-risk population, youth specifically. Besides–I cannot earn the money I want to make.  I volunteer my time, skills, and resources (money) to a non-profit and give back to the community–enough with low wage jobs in social services. I’m looking for something in medical field, not nursing though.

I am also working on more self awareness, mindfulness, and positive self-talk. More on this at a later posting.


First month of 2014 ends…

January 2014 has gone by very fast and it’s been said that as you get older time goes by fast. I feel that I’ve been accomplishing a lot on my to-do list for 2014, except for one. Exercising <sigh> I have done a trail repair and I was sore (shoveling dirt does that to me) the next two day plus I did a 3 mile hike the same day (legs felt fine). John and I went out for dinner today for our date night (#21). My goal was to go to a place that we haven’t gone to together so I chose The Varsity Grill on Broadway. I’ve been there a couple of times with the book club I was in a couple of years ago. I ate an appetizer and bought John and Matt home the early bird special, surf and turf. They got a steak about the size of a deck of cards and 6 shrimp on a skewer for $5.00.  It turns out that the restaurant was sold and is now something else, don’t remember name, but it was a LOT more expensive than the Grill. We had decided to go at happy hour to save money and this place didn’t have food just appetizers for happy hour. We ended up going to a restaurant we walked by called El Toro. As usual when we eat at a Mexican restaurant, we filled up on chips and salsa and had left overs for tomorrow. We hadn’t been to that restaurant but we’ve been to an El Toro restaurant across town.

I made cherry chocolate kiss cookie for the month of January (#20). Matt picked the cookie out of 4 choices I gave him. They turned out yummy and would make them again sometime in the future. They were more shortbread type and the chocolate kiss in it made it just perfect. Wish we had hot chocolate to have with it but Matt’s back in the house and the container that lasted us from Oct-Dec (maybe 1/4 used) was drank within a month with Matt here :) I took the honey to work so I didn’t have tea to drink either.

cherry thumbprint cookie1 cherry cookie

I glanced at my to-do list and need to work on a plan to get some of these items marked off. I might make the list on a large paper and post it in the bedroom so that I can view the list and know what needs to be worked on.

January 2014

To-Do # 27 was to paint my nails at least once a week and thus far I have. Here is are the five colors for each Friday in January:


Here is my supplies that hang in jewelry bags hanging in my closet:

nails1 nails2

I’ll recount them soon but at one point I had 109 different shades/brand of nail polish. I purged a lot when I started organizing my closet. I purchased these jewelry bags at Ross for $5.99 each and work great for holding the bottles. I prefer to get the acrylic clear boxes but don’t have the space to hang them in this tiny rental house.

January 2014

Cherry Chocolate Kiss Cookie

I made this cookie on Jan 31, 2014. The last day of the month! John, Matt and I liked the cookie but don’t think Chris did because he only ate one. Philip didn’t stop by in time (he was given one day to get some) and David because he left to help with Riley, Caleb and Jesse.

These are a shortbread based cookie and go great with hot chocolate or nice proper tea. I followed the recipe but for future baking of these cookies I’ll add more than the 1/2 cup of cherries and make the cherries bigger chunks.

Cherry Chocolate Kisses

1 cup unsalted butter, softened, but still cool*****very important!

1 cup powdered sugar

1/8 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons maraschino cherry “juice”

1/4 teaspoon almond extract

2 and 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 cup maraschino cherries, chopped

Granulated sugar, for sprinkling the cookies

however many milk chocolate kisses needed, unwrapped


1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.

2. In the bowl of your standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the butter at medium speed until creamy, about 1 minute.

3. Reduce the speed to the lowest setting and slowly add the powdered sugar and salt.

4. Add the cherry juice and the almond extract until combined.

5. With the mixer still on low, slowly add the flour, scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed.

6. Increase the mixer speed to medium and add the cherries.

7. Shape the dough into 1-inch balls, and place the balls on a baking sheet, approximately 2 inches apart.

8.  Using your thumb, gently press each cookie in its center until the cookie is about 1/2-inch thick.

9.  Sprinkle each cookie with a little granulated sugar.

10.  Bake the cookies until the bottoms are lightly browned, about 14 minutes.

11. Once removed from the oven, immediately press a chocolate kiss into each cookie’s center.

12.  Transfer the cookies to a wire rack to cool completely.

cherry cookie cherry thumbprint cookie1

Still January

For this week:
(1.) Hiked 3 miles at Tiger Mountain—I hadn’t planned on hiking but since I did trail repair there… Foggy view from the trail at Tiger Mountain


(3.) 1 Trail Repair done this week—4 to go for the remaining year. I worked at Tiger Mountain and earned one certificate to go toward a Discovery Pass (3 need to be earned and submitted to get the pass for free). I scheduled 3 more volunteer trail repairs for the next 3 months. I did 3 run-off repairs on the trail and this one had to go under a log that we could not move so I had to go under. On the other side of this log, which had to be dug out and cleared was the nasty devil’s club which is in the second picture below. It kept brushing up against me and I pricked myself several times when I tried moving it out of my way. The needles would go right thru my work gloves. Truly a nasty plant/weed!

woods4 woods3

(5.) Still reading Outlander—damn long book but awesome!
(9.) I did one pin yesterday. I made egg salad sandwiches for dinner along with baked potatoes. The pin I used was adding vinegar to boil eggs to make them easier to peel. The eggs were just purchased on the 22nd so they were fairly fresh eggs and tend to be harder to peel. They peeled easier, although about a third seemed were missing bits of whites here and there. I went to the store and John removed the eggs from the stove and peeled them by the time I got back. It took longer when I went out because I dropped off Matt at a concert at the Aurora House (Philip’s house).
(15.) Still blogging at least once a week! 
(20-21.) Still haven’t done!!!!!!! I’ll be going thru Pinterest to see which recipes to do for this month. As for date night with the husband—lack of funds prevented us from going out to the movies, which was John’s choice of date.
(27.) Slow to get this done this week but I’m sporting a nice shade of light blue. I’m being a bit lazy and don’t want to get up and see the name of the nail polish.
(46.) Again with not wearing a skirt or dress to work this week because of the tasks that I did this week. I was off on Monday for MLK day, Tuesday was just a blah day because it was my first day back after being off for a while to watch kids for Dave and Kelly in addition to having a nasty sinus cold. Wednesday, I ran around getting new tires for the car (errand during work hours—used my lunch time), got some groceries. Thursday, blah! Friday took Shoggie to vet for his yearly shots, exam, and allergy breakout. He’s an expensive pup! That left me with Saturday—a day relaxing at home—somewhat. Kelly went back into the hospital early this morning for complications from surgery but got released this evening and grandkids went home at 7’ish PM.
We’ve got another audit at work coming up and I’m seriously getting damn tired of all the State, Federal, City, County, Peer, and funding audits. I wish the federal government did away with WIA Funding so that it’d push me to do something different. I did apply for another job but didn’t get an interview. I was sad but a bit relieved at the same time, I don’t know if I want to start a new job someplace else, especially not for the government which that position was. My ultimate goal is to work at the University of Washington in Seattle. I’ll keep looking for jobs there…
I need to work on my To-Do List (goals) and start exercising!
Wow, January is almost over…

BTW, the numbers above match the items on the to-do list

The Good, The Tiring, The Bad, and the Bonus

The good: Dave’s third child was born on Jan 15th at around 1 AM at TG. She’s named Jesse, but I don’t know her whole name.
The tiring: Riley and Caleb stayed here while Kelly was in the hospital from Tuesday evening to Saturday evening. Riley was a handful that had a few meltdowns (biggest was at bath time). Caleb was a lot easier, he just kept climbing everything. This house is not baby proofed.
The bad: I got a sinus cold and possibly from Philip. His car needs to be repaired and I had to drop off & pick up for a couple of days.
The Bonus: I took half day Wednesday (Jan 15th), all of Thursday and Friday off to help Dave & Kelly. I totally forgot that Monday (MLK Day) was a holiday and I’ve got that day off too!

I’ve been meeting my goals EXCEPT one :( exercising. This is a short entry so that I can at least meet this goal of weekly entries!


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